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Medium Duty Castors

1000 kg
Series KD up to max. 450 kg

Finish: electro-zinc plated, hardened steel balls, double ball race swivel head – pressed steel sheet, with strong Kingpin bolted and locked – adjustable, thermoplastic dust protection ring and seal, wheel axle bolted, adjustable total lock – leading or trailing available

Pages 114-133

Series CD up to max. 385 kg

Finish: electro-zinc plated, double ball bearing – revited, hardened steel balls thermoplastic dust protection ring, wheel axle bolted, total lock

Pages 134-153

Series CR up to max. 300 kg

Medium duty bolt hole castor, finish: electro-zinc plated and yellow passivated, swivel fork with single bolt hole, double ball bearing – revited, hardened steel balls, wheel axle bolted, total lock

Pages 154-173

Series 2SL up to max. 270 kg

Twin wheel castor with small overall height and high load capacity, steel zinc plated – grey cast iron, ball bearing easy running due to a large swivel bearing

Page 174

Levelling Castors up to max. 1000 kg

Finish: reinforced pressed steel housing zinc plated, hardened double ball bearing, sealed, grease nipple, levelling foot reinforced black nylon with NBR-rubber pad

Pages 176-179

Series MF-fitted with springs up to max. 260 kg

Medium duty spring castors Finish: black painted, Polyurethane buffer spring, double ball bearing, equaliser swinging on bronze bushes

Pages 180-183