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If you do not know what the product category or item number is, you can search here for the castor type and the load capacity, and subsequently for the wheel diameter.

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* Each castor should have the capacity to support one-third of the total weight as uneven floors or uneven load distribution will cause uneven load balance between the castors.

Expert search

If you know exactly which item (e.g.: EH 150 HCTM), which catalogue page (e.g.: 116) or which item category (e.g.: EH) you are searching for, please enter the item number, the catalogue page (from the printed catalogue) or the item number in the input field

You can replace unknown characters (letters or numbers) with the % sign (e.g.: EH%HCTM) 

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How to order

1. You can find our products very easily by doing a free text search on the home page, or by doing a product search or by seeing the product overview using the “Products” button.
2. By clicking on the desired product, you can find information about the product. Here you can determine the amount you wish to order and put the product in the shopping basket or request the price of the product.
3. By clicking on “Back to catalogue”, you can select more products or you can click on “Continue” in order to enter your data. Customers who have already registered can log in directly.
4. When you click on “Continue”, you are taken to the order overview section where, for orders over € 50, you can see the reduced amount after the respective discount is applied.
5. Now you must accept the general business terms and conditions and click on “Order”. The order is then sent to us and you receive an order confirmation by e-mail.