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Due to the diversity of applications and working environments there is no simple answer for the selection of the appropriate castor or wheel. However, the following main criteria should be observed:

 Piktogramm Load Capacity
 Piktogramm Intensive or Occasional Use
 Piktogramm Wheel Diameter
 Piktogramm Wheel Tread
 Piktogramm Wheel Bearing
 Piktogramm Floor Conditions

 Piktogramm Starting- and Rolling Resistance
 Piktogramm Shock Loading
 Piktogramm Manoeuvrability / Castor Mounting Configurations
 Piktogramm Environmental Influences
   Piktogramm Corrosion Resistance
   Piktogramm Temperature Resistance
   Piktogramm Chemical Resistance

Load Capacity

Each castor should have the capacity to support one-third of the total weight as uneven floors or uneven load distribution will cause uneven load balance between the castors.

T =   E + Z
 n - 1

T = Castor load capacity
E = Weight of the cart
Z = Weight of the load
n = Number of castors in use