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Unternehmenssitz Rollenbau

For over 48 years, we have been a successful family company that is at home wherever goods are catalogued, consigned, stacked, stored, assembled, shipped and prepared.

Our goal is to simplify work for people. Our products optimally support the natural processes used when shipping goods and equipment.

We have been thinking and acting sustainably for three generations - long before this term was on everyone's lips. We look forward to being able to convince you of our services. So that everything runs like clockwork!


For 48 years now, as a successful family business, we have been passionately at home wherever positioning, picking, stacking, storing, assembling, transporting and providing is required.

When the mobility of technical equipment is required, castors and wheels play a supporting role. The variety in wheels and castors for transport and storage systems is huge. The right choice is therefore not always easy. We offer with over 10,000 different, stock castors and wheels in the load capacity range from 8 kg to 50 t, the right product for almost any challenge.

However, as this variety of products often requires competent and comprehensive advice, we have set up the free info hotline 00800/700 88 800 for you. In addition, direct ordering of all products is possible via the Internet. All orders received by 2 pm will be shipped the same day or delivered just in time.

Our company's consistent quality policy, whose goal is a long-lasting, maintenance-free product for the benefit of our customers, is also expressed in our EN ISO 9001 certification.

Quality and selection of products according to needs are the key factors in the company. There are no cheap and no expensive rolls, only suitable or unsuitable ones - and finding the most suitable roll for each customer is our job.

When choosing the right role, a practical trial often helps the user to decide in favor of one role or another. For this purpose, we often provide samples of different wheels and housing types for larger projects to ensure the best possible solution for our customers.

We also provide samples of different wheels and housing types for larger projects to ensure the best possible solution for our customers.

To make it easier for designers, 3D CAD models for almost all casters and wheels are available for download on our homepage.

Our goal is to combine the Rollenbau brand with professionalism and integrity. A good brand is like a good person: it has character. As a participant in the Global Compact, a value-based platform founded by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, we continuously seek to put the 10 principles into practice in all areas of the company.

Our goal is to be a good brand.

With the benefits of our customers in mind, we are already looking for ways to meet your needs tomorrow and look forward to solving your challenges.