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Mission Statement


Our slogan „Let it roll“symbolizes our greatest goal. We want to make work smoother for people, to help them save energy and spare their health. Thus we always endeavor to recommend the best possible castor for each situation.

We want to be an efficient and reliable partner for our customers when it comes to castors and wheels, with large and clear offerings, short delivery times and comprehensive advice that include technical support.

That quality and need-driven selection of products are key aspects for our company. There not any cheap or expensive castors, only suitable or unsuitable ones – and it is our task to find the most suitable castor for each customer.

Our products and services must fully meet our customers’ high demands for quality and usefulness. Our consistent quality policy is thus also evident in our certification according to EN ISO 9001.

We consider ourselves advocates for our customers and are therefore always looking for innovative products and new service offerings.

We want to be an appealing employer for dedicated employees who enjoy working. Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, goal-oriented thinking, a high degree of motivation, mutual appreciation and team spirit.

We meet the rising challenges in a solution-oriented way and not a problem-oriented way. We work in a process-oriented manner, and as unbureaucratically as possible. We encourage a culture of constructive criticism and conflict management, without fear of any negative consequences.

We are as good as the sum of our employees. With our different personalities, experiences and approaches, each one of us contributes to the success of the company.

We are aware that the value of a company is not solely dependent on business figures. A good reputation, image, and especially credibility, also create value. We are therefore particularly pleased when we gain customers through recommendations from others.

As a third generation family business, we are interested in independence and long-term thinking and acting. We are consistently building on the strengths of our company, actively taking advantage of market opportunities, and consistently enhancing our company value.

We therefore also support the principles of Global Compact, a values-oriented platform established by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. As a member, we are committed to incorporating the universal values of human rights, labor rights, ethical business practices and environmental protection into our business strategy.