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Extra Heavy Duty Castors

10000 kg

The EH, SM,ED and QD Extra Heavy Duty castors are made from precision machined components
to ensure a long and maintenance–free life, even under the most severe operating conditions.

Series SM/SMM up to max. 10000 kg

Designed for heaviest loads and toughest conditions, two tapered roller bearings, sealed for life, forged forkhead, very strong integrated Kingpin, nut locked by hardened set-screw,wheel axle with slotted nuts and cotter pin

Pages 64+65

Series EDD/ED up to max. 8000 kg

Solid steel welded construction, with axial grooved ball bearing DIN 711 and tapered roller bearing DIN 720, very strong integrated Kingpin, with grease nipple, sealed with 2 o-rings finish: alu-grey painted on request: zinc-plated and passivated (chrom VI-free)

Pages 66-79

Series QD up to max. 1500 kg

For applications where a super strong and durable caster is required, one tapered roller and one axial ball bearing, dust protection ring, very strong integrated Kingpin, locked nut, grease nipple, wheel axle bolted, finish – painted

Pages 80-83